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Get the latest local weather forecasts of Philippine cities up to 5 days in advance, updated four times a day.


What's the weather in your place? Share your weather observations to warn others.


Tell your friends and others what's the weather in your place...Let's Weather UP!


Weather UP is a mobile weather app for the Philippines where your daily observations can help improve the next weather forecast.

Unlike any other weather app available, Weather UP shows you highly localized weather forecasts that extend to 5 days in advance, and updated with the latest available weather data four times a day. This is pin-point forecasting.

Weather UP acknowledges that the science of weather forecasting is not perfect! and there will be times when weather forecasts are inaccurate. This app harnesses the information from individual user's weather observations, and use this data to correct forecast errors and improve succeeding forecast accuracy.

Not only is our weather forecasts developed through years of local scientific research, this app is the first and only local crowd-sourced weather app.

  • This APP is a result of the Weather Hazard Alert and Tracking System for Urban Areas in the Philippines or the WHATSUP project 1 of University of the Philippines - Diliman campus

  • This is a part of a study entitled "Mobile Website and App to Forecast and Monitor Local Weather in the Philippines" under the WHATSUP project funded by OML Center


University of the Philippines

Institute of Environmental Science & Meteorology

BAGTASA Laboratory

Gerry Bagtasa, Ph.D.

Weather Manila

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